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Images within the PDIS Image Library are primarily provided for use in educational materials such as presentations, extension websites and extension publications.

Please read and understand the image copyright and image use statements before using, or duplicating any image within the library.

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QuickTime VR:

In addition to traditional 2D images, the image library contains QuickTime VR™ images. QuickTime VR™ is an extension of the QuickTime™ technology developed by Apple Computer, Inc. that allows users to interactively view three-dimensional virtual objects such as insects, plants and fungi.

To view these images the QuickTime Player is required.  Click on the button below to download and install the QuickTime Player. 

Image Use Statement (A) Images may be used without written permission by K-12 or higher education faculty and students in web pages, co-operative extension publications, presentations and homework assignments. (B) Images may be used without written permission by United States federal, state and local governments in web pages, and presentations. (C) Image use not covered by above provisions may require written permission from the copyright holder and may require payment of royalties. (D) Use of images must be accompanied by photographer credit and copyright notice.

Image Copyright Statement  All users of this website are reminded that any redistribution or copying of copyrighted material requires the permission of the copyright owner, subject to the Image Use Statement posted on this web site.